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Expandable GTX-Series Fabric Structures

It’s important to have proper shelter for equipment and employees when working out in the elements. You want to protect workers and the machines to operate our business at maximum efficiency. Not doing so will results in setbacks that increase operating costs, causing a loss in profits. GTX Series Buildings are a good option in maintaining the health of workers and the longevity of the machines. The buildings have a host of standard and custom features that ensure they will protect assets. The GTX Series buildings can be used in most industries, giving you flexibility and many possibilities.

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Alaska Structures: Shelters for Extreme Heat

Fabric structures have proven their strength in very cold climates and with heavy snow loads. The strength of fabric structures is possible in very hot climates as well, with cutting-edge technology, to support operations. In addition to UV coatings to protect fabrics, Alaska Structures provides many product options to make your fabric structure stronger. There are insulation packages that help the inside of the structures stay cool as well as environmental control units. The fabric structures receive these upgrades without compromising their portable nature, nor quick and easy setup. You can use these structures for any type of operation; these structures have few limitations.

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Lower Energy Costs Spur Manufacturing Increase

The United States manufacturing industry is seeing boosts in productivity, due to lower energy costs from fracking. Fracking extracts released gas from the pressure of breaking rocks deep below the surface, that people otherwise couldn’t collect. By getting energy at a lower cost, the U.S. manufacturing industry will have cheaper manufacturing costs than China. In addition to fracking, manufacturers can lower operation costs by using american-made fabric buildings in place of brick-and-mortar buildings. Alaska Structures fabric buildings are suitable for any operation, storing and protecting equipment, as on site housing and more. As a lower cost alternative, that is fast and easy to setup, these structures can boost production even more.

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Aircraft Hangar Options

If you own an airplane or other aircraft, you have a huge asset that needs protection from the elements. An Aircraft Hangar will provide this protection to secure your investment, and you have many options when choosing a hangar. One option is to use a fabric structure to protect your aircraft. Alaska Structures provides fabric structures, tested in harsh conditions for their strength, that are fast to set up. In addition to fast setup, these structures are customizable and cheaper than a brick-and-mortar style hangar. Learn more about the benefits of using the fabric aircraft hangars some government agencies have chosen to use.

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Fabric Buildings & Energy Efficiency

You may have your operations housed in an old building, wasting energy and driving up costs due to poor insulation, etc. Before you begin upgrades, it’s important to explore all your options for repairing an old structure or building a new one. Sometimes repairing an old structure can be just as expensive as building a new one, and both take a lot of time. Another option is to use a fabric building to support your operations, as they are fast and easy to setup. In addition, they are typically less costly than upgrades or a building a brick-and-mortar structure. Alaska Structures designs fabric structures with a host of benefits and ways to save and increase energy efficiency.

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Ruggedly Mobile Fabric Structures

How frustrating is it to spend a lot of money on a product, to open it and find it damaged from transport? Fabric structures, while more affordable than brick-and-mortar buildings, are a great investment that are often customized with many details. It’s important to find a company that takes the time to protect your structures from shipping damages, starting with its packaging. Alaska Structures fabric buildings are shipped in very durable rotomold containers that you can even reuse. This is an added bonus if you have operations that require a lot of moving because you can always protect your structure through transport. The design and bonus features of these structures can handle any rugged, mobile conditions.

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Fabric Buildings vs. ISO Containers

ISO shipping containers provide a way for intermodal transport, shipping items from the ship to the rails and then to trucks. This versatility doesn’t translate to housing and camping, however some commercial and governmental operations use them for this purpose. Imagine trying to sleep or work inside a metal crate with no windows or insulation. Those aren’t optimal conditions to live or work in. A better option for a camp system would be a fabric structure, designed to house people and equipment. Factors that make fabric structures a better option are safety, shipping costs, portability, construction costs, versatility, and energy efficiency.

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PDAC 2015 Reveals Industry Concerns

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada puts on the world's largest trade show for mining and ore exploration. PDAC 2015 centered on finding ways to get past looming issues in the mining field. They featured a TSX-Series Portable cabin as a way of addressing one of the issues surrounding mineral and mining exploration. The issue, very high operating costs and not getting a return to support these costs. With billions at stake, the Canadian government is working to help with this issue. Tax credits and lowering the cost of operations (one way is by using portable systems) can help the struggling industry.

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Check Us Out at PDAC 2015

If you are someone who works in the mining industry, it’s important to be aware of the new trends and advances in the field. Like any business, you must have the best tools to remain competitive in the field. The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada hold it’s annual convention in Toronto, March 1st - 4th, with leading developers in the field to show their work. Alaska Structures will be there to showcase their fabric structures and new raised flooring system. You can check out the new features at our booth, number 1315, located right of the main entrance.

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What’s YOUR Special Sauce?

Good Burger and Big Macs with the “secret sauce,” show what one special ingredient can do for a burger. It not only makes the burger tastier, but sets it apart from the rest, increasing its demand in the market. This idea of “secret sauce” applies to businesses in all industries, because every business needs something to set it above the competition. The market for fabric buildings is just as competitive as any other, and manufacturers must appeal to managers of many types of operations. Alaska Structures has created its own special sauce to ensure they have the best product on the market. Can you find the secret?

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