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The Not So Pristine State of McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica

Many aren’t familiar with the McMurdo Research Station or the work scientists do there. Founded in 1956, McMurdo Station is the leading data center in Antarctica. However, recently the focus on McMurdo is on it’s deteriorating condition. There is a plan to update the entire station, however construction will affect the scientists’ ability to work. While buildings get updates, scientists will be left with no place to carry out their research, thus delaying their work. Planners must find solutions to update the buildings while allowing the scientists to do their research. One possible solution is to use fabric structures as temporary research facilities.

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Mining Operations Cutting Costs with Budget-Friendly Fabric Buildings

Australia's mining industry is suffering serious losses, which will lead to operation cuts and job losses. Reports say the industry is facing one of its most difficult periods. Leaders in the industry must find solutions to maximize efficiency while cutting costs. Fabric buildings provide a solution to the industry crisis Australia is currently facing. Fabric buildings are a lot cheaper to set up and maintain than traditional buildings. This allows managers to build mining sites at a lower cost. Alaska Structures offer two fabric buildings the MTX and HGX series. Both are portable, durable, and customizable to address mining needs.

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Why Customization and Design Flexibility are Paramount to Mining Facilities

Mining operations can be costly and difficult, leaving managers looking for ways to increase productivity. A fast-pace industry, often operations must move from site to site with the equipment. Because of this, customization and design flexibility is important to protect equipment and have mobility. Traditionally, sites have used concrete and steel buildings to perform their mining tasks. Concrete and steel buildings are definitely durable, but don’t leave room for site to site movement. Fabric buildings are durable as well as portable, for maximum efficiency. This guide highlights the strengths and weaknesses of mining buildings to find the best solution for mining operators.

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Why Industrial and Commercial Construction Companies Choose Fabric Buildings

Traditionally, construction companies have used brick and mortar buildings while working on projects for their strength and durability. With new breakthroughs in technology, however, fabrics are now stronger and more durable than ever. They are being used in fabric buildings to house equipment and tools, and more site managers are using them. The obvious major benefit of using fabric buildings are lower operational costs. However, fabric buildings are also great because of mobility, easy setup, and customization. They are comparable to the buildings used in the past, without compromising efficiency. Alaska Structures offers several fabric building options to fulfil construction needs.

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